At A Glance

Open Road Brands is a multi-generation, family-owned, vertically integrated, consumer products company specializing in distinctive products for the home. The company designs and manufactures unique consumer products that are sold through best-in-class retailers across multiple channels.  

Our product line is comprised of wall art, home decor, impulse, gift, and functional home products.

We own propriety in-house brands and collections.  We also have secured highly sought-after license partnerships with some of the top Fortune 500 companies.

Brick & Mortar

We sell wholesale products & programs to a wide variety of retailers by way of FOB China, landed & FOB Wichita Warehouse/ Manufacturing.


Direct to Consumer & Dropship sales model through retailer’s websites, & our own D2C website, We also transact through B2B ecommerce

Our Brand Partners

  • We partner with the world’s most iconic licensed brands to bring their characters and content to life in bold new ways. We create lifestyle-driven product that appeal to both the enthusiast as the mass market.
  • Through a second-to-none portfolio of creative partnerships with Disney, Warner Brothers, Lucasfilm, Marvel, Ford, Coca-Cola, John Deere, and a wide range of companies, we deliver an exciting array of product, featuring the WORLD’S BEST BRANDS.

Retail Business

A few of our retail partners.








Domestic Manufacturing

Our domestic manufacturing, distribution & fulfillment allows us to supply our partners with guaranteed timely inventory &  quality product at a strong value.

Lower MOQ’s & Run to Order Production

Manufacturing in Wichita greatly reduces inventory liability for Open Road Brands and our partners – allowing us to produce items on a run-to-order basis, which gives you the flexibility to expand the number of SKU’s you offer your shoppers with limited inventory risks.

Real-Time Retail & Actions

Allows retailers to react in real time to measure product sell throughs, enabling you to take advantage of trends and rapidly replenish with more of what is working, while eliminating obsolescence, to capitalize on shopping behaviors and customer insights.


Having oversight of 100% of the design, manufacturing, and fulfillment processes of our domestically produced items, Open Road Brands can keep our partners informed, every step of the way, to ensure excellence of execution and guarantee nothing gets lost in translation.

On Demand Printing & Production

One of our most exciting domestic manufacturing innovations, Print On Demand production allows Open Road Brands to customize products to meet specific licensor, retailer, and end-user requirements – eliminating inventory risk while providing marketplace differentiation and artistic innovation for all our partners.

Shorter Retailer Lead Times

Offers all our Wholesale Partners shorter lead times that get products on shelves exponentially faster – eliminating the uncertainty of international shipping delays, port congestion, material shortages, and environmental factors that can disrupt sales opportunities.

Speed To Market

When trends in pop culture and licensed properties arise or if retailers wish to capitalize on shopping insights in real-time, domestic manufacturing enables us to create new products, replenish proven winners, and get them to market in a matter of weeks instead of months.

Supply Chain

  • In-House Design
  • US Suppliers
  • Asia Suppliers (40+)
  • In-House US Manufacturing
  • Outsourced China Manufacturing
  • 40+ Different Asian Sources
  • 15 Employees at Shenzhen Office
  • Strong Onsite QC
  • FOB China Direct to Client
  • FOB Wichita
  • Retail
  • Ecommerce


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