1. ORB’s Creative Update: Share out & Feedback
2. Business Update: Supply Chain Challenges; Orb’s Focus; POD & Ecommerce Update
3. Questions and Next Steps

Creative Updates

Open Road Brands is kicking off a new initiative to develop all our Disney favorites with fresh, trend looks to appeal more to the millennial fan and collector. Below is a small snapshot of some new designs!

Important Themes For ORB:

  • Timeless not Trendy.
  • Neutral tones and themes
  • Poses that show relationships, connections, sweetness.
  • Not too specific…general appeal for any room in the home.

Examples of successful styleguides for ORB:

  • Range of art style choices of the same poses
  • Good use of “Hand of the Artist” approach
  • Characters are easily swapped in and out in different combinations
  • Nice addition of botanicals and florals
  • Examples of inclusion of diverse princesses

Translated into ORB items:

Examples of successful styleguides for ORB:

  • Botanicals are trending well for us
  • Good use of “Hand of the Artist” approaches
  • Softer color palette leans well into home décor stylings

Translated into ORB items:

Examples of successful styleguides for ORB:

  • Sweet moments and characters having connections and relationships
  • Good use of “Hand of the Artist” approaches
  • Softer color palette leans well into home décor stylings

Translated into ORB items:

Mickey and Minnie together works better than Mickey or Minnie alone.

Styleguide success story for Spirit Halloween:

New Format Innovation

Areas where we could use help:

  • Little Mermaid’s World
  • Marlin and Dory’s journey
  • MCU New York
  • Death Star.
  • Inside of Millennium Falcon
  • Mos Eisley Cantina Map.
  • Mandolorian map (Nevarro)
  • Zootopia.
  • Andy’s Room
  • All Princesses together?

Open Road Brands - Current State

Supply Challenges Remain
Global Shipping is maxed out at every level & has tremendously slowed down the supply chain. Previous lead time of 30-days is now 45-60 days. Container costs that had been hovering steady around $5,000 are now upwards of $9,000 if not more if guaranteed services are selected. Current trends predict supply chain challenges through 2022.

2021 - 2022 Disney Strategy

1. Maximize Canvas Development & Sales
2. Expand in Mass & Specialty Markets
3. Maximize Ecommerce SKU Count & Sales
4. Maximize POD SKUs Across Wall Décor
5. Automotive – Establish “Statement” & Stock Full Catalog
6. Kitchen & Baking – Expand Category Through Increased Volumes & Revenues
7. Seasonal – Expand Distribution & Develop Holiday & Seasonally Specific Items & Programs *FOCUS ON DISNEY*
8. Expand Assortment

Distribution – Top Accounts Focus

Hobby Lobby
Jo-Ann Stores
Mid Tier
Spirit Halloween
Hot Topic
Box Lunch
Diamond Comics
TJX Companies
Ross Stores
Omni-Channel Dropship
Auto Specialty
Advance Auto Parts
AutoZone Mexico
Hardware/Home Improvement
Ace Hardware
Home Depot 
Independent Stores

New Category Exploration

Highlights of current state of business

Burlington – Laser cut words w/ wood base
Joann’s – Branded Kitchen and Seasonal
HL Warehouse – Reorders and New Looks – committing to a full Disney Endcap
HL Group – New development and property expansion
HL Spring – NEW Seasonal development (Fall, 4th of July)
Box Lunch – Auto Accessories
Box Lunch – Photo Frames
Hot Topic – Book Boxes
Books a Million – Expanded selections
Ecommerce – POD

New Account Growth Focus

•TJ Maxx
•Joann’s Impulse/Décor
•Home Improvement
•Canvas Decor
•Lifestyle Programs
•Retailer Expansion


•Junior’s and Baby
•Alphabet Soup
•Photo Frames
•Print on Demand
•Event Focus
•Ultimate Princess Celebration


SKU Count Update
  • Growth of 500+ new product SKUs in 2021 
  • New product development to align with all Disney campaigns / Releases- supported Raya, Luca, Encanto in development  
  • POD focused development for all canvas and new products as well as conversion of key products to domestic and thus POD
Products types include
  • Expand successful formats – MDF framed and flat, Blocks, picture frames, door hangers, laser-cut items, etc.
  • Increasing focus on the canvas market for larger accent pieces; year to date developed 50+ new canvas across all franchises (Disney, Marvel, Star Wars)
Channel expansion Plan
  • DTC – Amazon – added lifestyle on all product listings; increased ad spend via newer campaign types- Sponsored Brand Ads and enhanced Brand Store Pages (shoppable images)
  • Pop Classics – deployed new website and launched aggressive Paid Media Advertising both search and social with specific focus on our Disney products
  • Drop Ship – Shop Disney, Hot Topic, Home Depot, Target, & Zulily
    • Shop Disney – curating a collection for expanding price point sweet spot and targeted margin targeting for 2022 with some availability for later Q4
  • Wholesale – Target
  • Wholesale website – (new website launch targeted for Q1 2022)

Domestic Manufacturing

The list below reflects the POD products that have been successfully manufactured to date, as well as the

estimated dates of completion for additional products. 

•Flat MDF. – Complete
•Flat metal. – Complete
•Stretched canvas. – Complete
•Spot-varnish printing on MDF and metal.  – Completed
•Embossed metal.  Anticipated completion – 2022
•Lenticular imaging.  Anticipated completion – 2022
•Dye sublimation.  Anticipated completion – 2022
•Direct print glass.  Anticipated completion – 2022


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