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Home team pride is a cornerstone of the American way of life.  Millions of sports fans across the country are looking for new and exciting ways to decorate their homes, and surround themselves with the collegiate and professional teams they root for 365 days a year.  These collections of sports art that sets you apart honors your customers unwavering passion and support for their favorite teams – catching them where they love to shop and generating all-star revenue for your stores.

Power Of Sports

No other pastime unites us, excites us, and reaches a larger audience or more dedicated fanbase than sports. From celebrating exhilarating, last second victories to enduring stunning and heartbreaking losses, the memories made and moments shared with friends and family run side-by-side with the home teams, iconic matchups, and beloved athletes that help bring them to life.

With The Fans

Unlike the automotive or entertainment decor categories, 
where major brands and top properties can appeal to the masses,
sports enthusiasts are actively searching for home accents and gifts that truly speak to their fandom –
those that dive deeper and represent the individual teams, franchises,
and athletes your shoppers love to root for. 

Partner with us to support a Home Team Sports Program in your Oklahoma Stores
and other markets of choice!

Try It In Your Own Backyard

In an effort to support an even richer and more dynamic sports decor business, and connect with the local fans already in your stores, Open Road Brands is proposing an OKLAHOMA ALL-STARS COLLECTION featuring unique items that bring even more to love (and purchase) for Sooners, Thunder, and Cowboys fans across the state.

In addition to our own dedicated efforts to market this collection with the tools and audience at our disposal, we have received approval from the Oklahoma State Licensing Director for a potential showcase across all of their social media platforms – which include outreach to influencers they currently work with to share content – to get the word out to fans about these products and drive traffic to your stores.

Welcome To The Fandom


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Proven Sales Results

(Baby Yoda)

Open Road Brands has an undeniable track record of sales slam dunks and revenue home runs through products that speak to the heart of what fans truly love about the brands, characters, and teams they choose to surround themselves with.

Capitalizing on the surprise introduction of “Baby Yoda” and immediate worldwide response in 2019, we dove even deeper into Star Wars fandom – quickly bringing décor and gifts to the market that immediately delighted enthusiasts and drove significant incremental sales results.

Star Wars - No Mandolorian

  • Total units sold: 159,151
  • 37 Total SKU’s
  • Average units sold per SKU : 4,301

Star Wars - & Mandolorian

  • Total units sold: 191,928
  • 165,477 SW – 26,451 Mando
  • Star Wars increased 6,326 YOY
  • 26 Total SKU’s
  • Average units sold per SKU : 7,382

543 avg units/month

7,057 sold

Between 1/22/20-2/28/2021

1,033 avg units/month

13,425 sold

Between 1/22/20-2/28/2021

590 avg units/month

7,663 sold

Between 1/22/20-2/28/2021

1,430 avg units/month

18,579 sold

Between 12/30/19-2/28/2021

Hot Market Opportunities

With Open Road Brands’ domestic manufacturing up and running and our licensing portfolio more robust than ever, we are in a position to capitalize on major sporting events, and their outcomes, like never before – in real time all across the country. 

As part of our ongoing “Hot Market” strategy to catch sports fans in the moment – delivering gifts and home décor that celebrate and commemorate popular team and player accomplishments AS THEY HAPPEN – we are keeping our eye on the ball for these major events and can design, produce, and ship coinciding products to your stores in a matter of weeks instead of months or years.

Product Showcase

The following product showcase is meant to be visual representation of the many potential ideas we could develop for your Hometown Sports Collections. The actual collections we create will be unique to the geographic location and team-specifics of your stores and a perfect mix of fan-loving awesomeness for your sports-loving customers.

Why Now?

Over the past year, college bookstores and sports-specific channels have not been immune from the challenges retailers have faced with reduced traffic and overall shopping behaviors.  Conversely, sports fans and fanatics have ramped up their fandom – making their homes a priority like never before through décor that helps knock their favorite spaces and “fan caves” out of the park.  With Open Road Brands vast and rapidly expanding portfolio of licensing partnerships, the time has never been better to deliver an all-star collection of home décor for every fan in your stores.


This presentation is for representation and may not be duplicated without the permission of Open Road Brands.
For more information please contact sales@orbrands.com or 844.533.6890

Chris Wolfe – VP Sales – Sports
PHONE: 316-927-5130 EXT. 630

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