At A Glance

Open Road Brands is a multi-generation, family-owned, vertically integrated, consumer products company specializing in distinctive products for the home. The company designs and manufactures unique consumer products that are sold through best-in-class retailers across multiple channels.  

Our product line is comprised of wall art, home decor, impulse, gift, and functional home products.

We own propriety in-house brands and collections.  We also have secured highly sought-after license partnerships with some of the top Fortune 500 companies.

Brick & Mortar

We sell wholesale products & programs to a wide variety of retailers by way of FOB China, landed & FOB Wichita Warehouse/ Manufacturing.


Direct to Consumer & Dropship sales model through retailer’s websites, & our own D2C website, We also transact through B2B ecommerce

Platform Of Opportunities

Who We Are

Designer, Manufacturer & Distributer of Unique, Proprietary Consumer Products

What We Do

The Company designs and manufactures unique consumer products that are sold through best-in-class retailers across multiple retail channels & ecommerce.

Products are developed to appeal to a wide variety of fans, enthusiast groups, and the mass consumer.

Who We Serve

Top retailers (10’s of thousands of doors), multiple channels & ecommerce.

Creative Engine

Our culture of unmatched creativity and innovation, has created a platform, which allows us to seamlessly expand into and create competitive advantages in a vast array of consumer products and categories.

Expansive Consumer Base

By combining the fan base for licensed properties with niche, lifestyle enthusiast categories, we cover a wide spectrum of consumer interests with product. Our creative engine allows us to expand into untapped enthusiast categories.

Focused Retail Growth

Building upon our success in specialty retailers, we are now targeting the largest sales growth opportunities in the mass and grocery channels.

POD Manufacturing

Supporting retail and ecommerce sales with exponential product offerings and speed to market. From 1-100K+ units including personalization.


  • Depth & Breadth of Licenses & Product Offering – The company’s ability to combine cross-category, multi-brand home décor features at retail & ecommerce puts Open Road Brands in a class by itself.
  • Broad, Creative And Diverse Product Lines – Thousands of designs created annually and ability to scale individual designs across broad product ranges.
  • Design Values – Product designs are elevated & distinctly unique in the marketplace. A design approach that is authentic & original inspires & engages both retail buyers and consumers.
  • Product Quality 
  • Recession Resistant Product Line and Price Points

Creative Competitive Advantage

The world’s most iconic brands look to Open Road to reimagine their characters and content
through relevant products for today’s consumer.

We develop a unique range of products that appeal
to broad consumer groups as well as niche fandom groups.

Designed to Inspire

  • Engaging – the humor, the sentiment, the imagery
  • Nostalgic – the authenticity, taking inspiration from the past
  • Artistry – the distinct & elevated designs

Vertically Integrated

From Design to Fabrication to Direct-To-Consumer Sales, Pop Classics can capture all the efficiencies and profits through this vertically integrated platform.

  • The majority of SKU’s sold on Pop Classics are manufactured in the Open Road Brands domestic facility.
  • Minimal investment per SKU to set up and offer.
  • Ability to react quickly and ramp up and expand top sellers and eliminate slow movers.

Our Brand Partners

  • We partner with the world’s most iconic licensed brands to bring their characters and content to life in bold new ways. We create lifestyle-driven product that appeal to both the enthusiast as the mass market.
  • Through a second-to-none portfolio of creative partnerships with Disney, Warner Brothers, Lucasfilm, Marvel, Ford, Coca-Cola, John Deere, and a wide range of companies, we deliver an exciting array of product, featuring the WORLD’S BEST BRANDS.

Product Categories

Open Road Brands is a one-stop shop for a wide array of home décor categories, functional gifts and complete point-of-sale merchandising strategies – all brought to life in dynamic ways that you won’t find anywhere else in the marketplace.

Our in-house Creative, Sales, and Business Strategy teams collaborate holistically to create multi-format collections that are cohesive, compelling and articulate a clear and curated shopping experience that surprises and delights brand fans at every retail touchpoint.

Signs & Wall Art

Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Metal Art

Framed Art

Wood Art

Print On Glass


Décor & Tabletop

Chunky Blocks

Picture Frames

Laser Cut Metal

Door Hangers

Function & Organization


Wall Hooks

Wall Shelves

Cast Metal Knobs & Pulls

Light Switch Covers

Function & Organization

Bottle Openers

Wall Clocks


Wall Hooks

Entertaining, Kitchen & Baking

Kitchen Magnets


Mixing Spoons/Saptulas

Cookie Cutters

Open Road Galleries

Our new crowd-sourced art division, giving Open Road Brands the ability to scale our creativity.

This is a highly curated offering that complements our in-house creative.   

Open Road Galleries has been enthusiastically received by the artist community: 

  • They are in the company of the some of the world’s top brand and leading-edge designers.  
  • Open Road Galleries offers artists the ability to design for some of the world’s most famous brands.
  • From anywhere in the world, they have the ability to generate significant revenue by securing placement in North America’s largest retailers.  

Ecommerce Distribution Channels

Our products are strategically activated on a select group of best-in-class ecommerce platforms.

Direct to Consumer

Dropship & Wholesale




3rd Party




Home Depot



Hobby Lobby

Retail Business

A few of our retail partners.

Open Road Studios - Marketing

Open Road Studios pairs agency-level creative with expert marketing professionals that work in-house to develop engaging and brand-focused content for retailer initiatives and licensor priorities, to maximize sales in all channels of distribution.

  • In-house marketing studio supports retail and licensing partner initiatives through parallel campaigns
  • Creates printed marketing assets for sales and branding campaigns
  • Digital marketing creation for online advertising implementation
  • On-site product and lifestyle photography studio
  • Support licensors through “sizzle video” creation via in-house production studio

Domestic Manufacturing

Our domestic manufacturing, distribution & fulfillment allows us to supply our partners with guaranteed timely inventory &  quality product at a strong value.

Lower MOQ’s & Run to Order Production

Manufacturing in Wichita greatly reduces inventory liability for Open Road Brands and our partners – allowing us to produce items on a run-to-order basis, which gives you the flexibility to expand the number of SKU’s you offer your shoppers with limited inventory risks.

Real-Time Retail & Actions

Allows retailers to react in real time to measure product sell throughs, enabling you to take advantage of trends and rapidly replenish with more of what is working, while eliminating obsolescence, to capitalize on shopping behaviors and customer insights.


Having oversight of 100% of the design, manufacturing, and fulfillment processes of our domestically produced items, Open Road Brands can keep our partners informed, every step of the way, to ensure excellence of execution and guarantee nothing gets lost in translation.

On Demand Printing & Production

One of our most exciting domestic manufacturing innovations, Print On Demand production allows Open Road Brands to customize products to meet specific licensor, retailer, and end-user requirements – eliminating inventory risk while providing marketplace differentiation and artistic innovation for all our partners.

Shorter Retailer Lead Times

Offers all our Wholesale Partners shorter lead times that get products on shelves exponentially faster – eliminating the uncertainty of international shipping delays, port congestion, material shortages, and environmental factors that can disrupt sales opportunities.

Speed To Market

When trends in pop culture and licensed properties arise or if retailers wish to capitalize on shopping insights in real-time, domestic manufacturing enables us to create new products, replenish proven winners, and get them to market in a matter of weeks instead of months.

Supply Chain

  • In-House Design
  • US Suppliers
  • Asia Suppliers (40+)
  • In-House US Manufacturing
  • Outsourced China Manufacturing
  • 40+ Different Asian Sources
  • 15 Employees at Shenzhen Office
  • Strong Onsite QC
  • FOB China Direct to Client
  • FOB Wichita
  • Retail
  • Ecommerce


Auto Division

OPEN ROAD BRANDS brings the most dynamic, diverse, and incomparable portfolio of authentic lifestyle and brand-prolific artistry in the automotive décor industry to every kind of auto enthusiast – from fans and fanatics to adventure seekers and mechanics.

Phase 1

  • Develop around nostalgic and current branding
    • Attention will be made to maintain current brand standards even when doing pieces with a historical reference
    • Making sure the green is within brand standards or other elements when appropriate
    • Strategic use of current brands that have historical relevance will be leveraged
    • Utilizing the 50th Anniversaries of the X650Rs, Z900 and the W800 will be important showcasing the groundbreaking models from the KX and Ninja series

Nostalgic Expression

Product Formats

The products we launch with will include large canvas artwork, embossed metal signs, and MDF wall décor – proven winners at retail – that provide format breadth and an authenticity that fans will appreciate. In automotive specialty specifically, we will expand the offering into our successful graphic emblem, key chain, and magnet programs that will help to further elevate the overall Kawasaki presence in the marketplace.

Phase 2

  • This will be a more deliberate strategy into the nostalgic and specific brands within the Kawaskai line up to appeal to the more hardcore brand fans
    • Showcasing milestone models like the Mach III H1 500, Triple and Z1 models to name a few
    • This is where we define the long time fan who maybe has history with the brand or the active restoration project.
  • A deeper dive into the outdoor adventure aspect of the brand and tap into ATV market as well as the Enduro bike and side by side
    • Explore the utility side bu side and ATVs, like the Mule and Brute Force
      • A comprehensive push into more performance based and hit the racing fans
      • That being the Supercros & Motorcross racing teams, as well as the Road Racing and Off-Road racing teams

At Open Road Brands, we know the Kawasaki fan because we ARE the Kawasaki fan.  For many of our team members, Kawasaki and its storied legacy are synonymous with our own personal histories – having helped to shape experiences throughout our lives, while continuing to drive our sense of adventure to brand new places.


Product rights:

  • Wall DécorWall Art (Canvas, Metal, Lenticular, MDF/Wood, print on glass) with/without frame, with/without lighting, with/without glass/plexiglass pane, Art prints, banners, clocks (with/without backlighting), wall globes, shelves, thermometers, banners, murals, pinboards, magnetic boards, dry erase boards, novelty mirrors, tapestries
  • Novelty Items: Book Boxes, Bottle Openers, Door Hangers, Wall Hooks, Key Chains, Knobs/Pulls, Mugs, Outlet/Switch Plate Covers, Photo Frames, Containers-Storage, Trays, Side Tables, Pillows, shelving
  • Automotive Items: Auto Sunshades, Decals, License Plate Covers, Car Magnets, Air Fresheners 
  • Royalty Rate: 10%
  • Guarantee: $3,000 annually
  • Territory: US and Canada
  • Term: 3/01/2022-12/31/2025


This presentation is for representation and may not be duplicated without the permission of Open Road Brands.
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