Open Road Brands - Current State

Open Road Brands continues to push the retail envelope by providing elevated artwork that adds a bold, visual impact and customer loving aesthetics to shopping spaces and online stores. We have continued to expand our existing partnerships by bringing characters and content to life in uniquely artistic and highly original ways. These efforts have allowed a level of continued success that allows us to remain a debt-free company and has pushed our 2020 sales up 53% in comparison to 2019. We continue to add resources at a rapid rate, focused primarily on Sales, Product Development, Design, Marketing, Ecommerce & Manufacturing positions.
Lastly, We have unveiled five new business initiatives that will help us grow our partnership.
  1. A New Domestic Manufacturing Facility
  2. Rolling Out Print on Demand Capabilities
  3. Establishing An In-House Marketing Studio
  4. Establishing Direct-To-Consumer Business & Expanded
  5. Expand Artist Partnerships.
Logistical Challenges
Global Shipping is maxed out at every level & has tremendously slowed down the supply chain. Previous lead time of 30-days is now 45-60 days. Container costs that had been hovering steady around $5,000 are now upwards of $9,000 if not more if guaranteed services are selected.

2021 Warner Bros Strategy

1. Maximize Canvas Development & Sales
2. Expand in Mass & Specialty Markets
3. Maximize Ecommerce SKU Count & Sales
4. Maximize POD SKUs Across Wall Décor
5. Seasonal – Expand Distribution & Develop Holiday & Seasonally Specific Items & Programs 
6. Automotive – Establish “Statement” & Stock Full Catalog
7. Kitchen & Baking – Expand Category Through Increased Volumes & Revenues
8. Expand Development
& sales of brands and characters across WB properties

Overall Sales Across All Channels (Historical/Licensed)

Distribution – Top Accounts Focus

Hobby Lobby
Jo-Ann Stores
Mid Tier
Spirit Halloween
Hot Topic
Box Lunch
Diamond Comics
TJX Companies
Ross Stores
Omni-Channel Dropship
Auto Specialty
Advance Auto Parts
AutoZone Mexico
Hardware/Home Improvement
Ace Hardware
Home Depot 
Independent Stores

Breakout Sales by Channel

Trendline/Projections for 2021

Best Sellers

90185468 Photo Frame
Horizontal Wood
Wood Sign
Horizontal Wood
Die-Cut Sign


Kitchen Products

Developing more into our mold capabilities to push our creative limits

Silicone Spoonula
Bowel Set
Silicone Spoon
Measuring Spoons
Ice Cream & Ice Pop Mold
Silicone Spatula
Tea Towel
Cake Stand
Silicone Spoonula
Cookie Cutter


Expand keychain offerings and dive full scale into automotive across our properties


New art options, exploring new techniques and “prop” focused development to appeal to a niche, fan consumer.

Laser Cut Words

Push the character compositions of the words – how do we use the available real estate to tell a story

Explore with other product types

Lenticular Words

Fusion Words

Chunky Blocks

Last year we introduced the concept of bobble chunky blocks – pushing to explore further to see where we can take this piece

  • Expand to other icons, objects, places within the worlds of our characters allowing people to interact with their decor and create vignettes that feel changeable


Continued exploration of letters and the various formats that could be printed to scale our e-commerce program across all brands,
characters and product types available – true on demand printing


Constantly pushing the limits on lenticular and would love to explore more in our favorite properties

Batman, Justice League and transformative lenticulars have been very successful

Expansion:Words, Arrows, Extreme horizontals or Verticals, Fun Shapes (Round, logo), “Comic Book” Cover Explosions

Open Road Brands Signature Series

Oversized character focused original ORB paintings

To be branded and presented as exclusive and original items

To launch a marketing campaign for sales purposes and potentially branding with the new labelling

Character Collages


Directional arrows continue to perform well for us

Expand into properties with iconic locations (Neverland, Cinderella’s Castle, Paradise Falls, etc.)

Use as a decor shape with sweet phrasing and character art vs. just a location


– Functional variety items – seeing success as Mass

-More interest at Hobby Lobby with other brands

-Would like to explore more décor driven designs and formats

-Would like to pursue a domestic-friendly option

Upcoming Development Schedule

  • Event Opportunities – Leveraging new and evergreen assets against movie and TV releases

    – The Batman, Space Jam, Suicide Squad

    Wizarding World – Comprehensive, unique program leverage our full catalog of approved product types, across seasons and “quarters” in the Wizard World. Want to make unique design that still follow brand guidelines and restrictions while pushing the envelope of creativity

    DC Comics Brand Development – Focus on E-Commerce and Pop Classics, brand development featuring DC Comics all superheroes and villains – focusing on the Justice League as a whole and it’s individual members – want to make sure we are creating content for fans of any/all characters

    Father’s Day – Dedicated program to celebrating our father’s with a focus on small, impulse and giftable items as well as special, Signature series pieces that any dad would want to decorate with

    Junior Superheroes – Focused development on a younger audience fan for the likes of Justice League, Batman, and Superman.

    Cinematic Experience – Key development featuring our TV and Movie brands

    – LoTRs/The Hobbit, Gilmore Girls, Wizard of Oz, Willy Wonka, Goonies, Dumb and Dumber, Mortal Kombat, Game of Thrones, Big Bang, Casablanca, Friends, Goodfellas, Great Gatsby, Seinfeld, Where the Wild Things Are

    Horror – Continued development and creative ideation on great selling brands for expansion beyond Spirit Halloween

New Category Exploration

Highlights of current state of business

Burlington – Laser cut words w/ wood base

Joann’s – increased placement for brands like Friends and Seinfeld

HL Warehouse – Reorders and New Looks – gaining incremental space with new design looks and product types

HL Group – New development and property expansion
– Expanding the ORB Signature Series

Spirit Halloween – Reorders and New Creative Development for existing brands

Box Lunch and Hot Topic– Incremental Horror, General Seasonal, and Kitchen Growth

Books a Million – Expanded selections, diving into Horror for both evergreen and seasonal placement

Ecommerce – POD

New Account Growth Focus

  • Mass Partners (Target, Walmart)
  • Grocery and Drug
  • Kohls
  • TJ Maxx
  • Joann’s Impulse/Décor
  • Mass Specialty (Books a Million, Hot Topic, BAM)
  • Home Improvement
  • e-Commerce/Amazon
  • Canvas Decor
  • Lifestyle Programs
  • Retailer Expansion
  • Little Superheroes
  • Seasonal
  • Alphabet Soup
  • Photo Frames
  • Print on Demand
  • Event Focus (Upcoming Movies and TV Series)


SKU Count Update
•Current SKU count of 25+
•Growth of 50+ new product SKUs in 2021 
•New product development to align with the all WB Campaigns/ Releases
Products types include
•Expand successful formats – MDF framed and flat, Blocks, picture frames, door hangers, laser-cut items, etc.
•Increasing focus on the canvas market for larger accent pieces
Channel expansion Plan
•DTC – Amazon & Pop Classics
•Drop Ship – Hot Topic, Home Depot, Target, Zulily
•Wholesale website,

The Best Art For The Best Fans

Key Factors

• Strong curation with a sense of exclusivity and aspiration
• Trend forward and lifestyle focused representation
• Ability to make elevated and innovative product types.
• Effective stewards of Warner Bros to an even wider audience
• Being on the pulse of where fans and pop culture meets – telling the story of the people that love the stories.

• ACCESS to the most innovative creative that properly represents Warner Bros
• ACCESS to distribution channels –immediate and expanded fanbase reach
• ACCESS to Lifestyle status – a more meaningful connection with fans and immediate response to trends
• ACCESS to a wider audience

Domestic Manufacturing

The list below reflects the POD products that have been successfully manufactured to date, as well as the

estimated dates of completion for additional products.

•Flat MDF. – Complete
•Flat metal. – Complete
•Stretched canvas. – Complete
•Spot-varnish printing on MDF and metal.  – Completed
•Embossed metal.  Anticipated completion – May 2021
•Lenticular imaging.  Anticipated completion – May 2021
•Dye sublimation.  Anticipated completion – June 2021
•Direct print glass.  Anticipated completion – May 2021


This presentation is for representation and may not be duplicated without the permission of Open Road Brands.
For more information please contact or 844.533.6890